ERhsVB Contract


Player,Parent & Coach Contract

Consistency breeds trust, trust breeds relationships, relationships build loyalty.


    • I will demonstrate passion.

      • I am focused on my goals.

      • I dream big.

      • I have everything I need inside me.

      • I know what I want.

      • I choose to own my why and keep it front and center each day.

  • I will demonstrate grit.

    • I do all the things that others are not willing to do to reach my dreams and goals.

    • I put in the time necessary for success.

    • I find my fight and remind myself each day what I am fighting for.

    • I see the opportunity in every difficulty.

    • I choose to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

  • I will demonstrate persistence.

    • I keep going despite obstacles in my way.

    • I see difficulties as happening for me, not to me.

    • I solve my problems like puzzles.

    • I check in with myself to stay confident, in control, and focused.

    • I choose to respond calmly, and in control with purpose and intention.

  • I will demonstrate character and integrity.

    • I am disciplined with my time and daily activities..

    • I live intentionally.

    • I will own my actions.

    • I give up excuses and victim language.

    • I choose to live my unique purpose.

  • I will bring my best to the team and the court.

    • I make a commitment to think productive thoughts so that I can do my best.

    • I train my mind using mental tools and strategies.

    • I give my best attitude, preparation, and effort day in and day out.

    • I generate energy, enthusiasm and positive momentum.

    • I will choose happiness and gratitude.

Elk River Volleyball Program is an extraordinary opportunity which demands extraordinary effort from all interested parties.

As a member of the Elk River High School Volleyball Team, I choose to abide by the expectations outlined in this contract and the rules and guidelines stated in the team handbook.

ATHLETE NAME:______________________________SIGNATURE:________________________________


  • Professional Preparation

    • Develop a strong purpose and live it with intention.

    • Be a lifelong student of the game.

    • Come prepared to every practice, competition and volleyball event.

    • Work to build a culture of trust and encouragement.

    • Provide Team Building Activities.

    • Provide clear and consistent expectations.

  • Personally Care for the athletes.

    • Positive Talk

    • Loyalty

    • Listen

    • Encourage

    • Accountable

    • Consistent

  • Purposeful Character

    • High Standards

    • Values

    • Honest

    • Integrity

COACHES NAME:______________________________SIGNATURE:________________________________


I have read the team handbook and I agree to the following:

  • Participate in parent information and educational opportunities.

  • Make sure my child attends all scheduled practices, is at practice on time, and is picked up from practice or matches on time.

  • Encourage my child to deal with the coaches directly regarding any issues that may arise during the season.

  • Respectfully communicate with the coaching staff with regard to my child.

  • Be a role model for sportsmanship at matches by making only positive comments about the players, coaches, officials, and treating the opponents and their fans with respect.

PARENT 1 NAME:______________________________SIGNATURE:________________________________

PARENT 2 NAME:______________________________SIGNATURE:________________________________